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Healthy, safe homes are free from issues of poor indoor air quality, poor ventilation, and pests. Most pests that find their way into our homes are attracted to conditions that provide food or nesting material,

Fiberglass Insulation

  • Possible cancer hazard by inhalation
  • Respiratory irritant, causes asthma
  • Attracts mice & the diseases they carry
  • Makes air conditioning ineffective
  • Creates damaging icicles / ice dams on roofs & gutters

Open Cell Spray Foam

  • Potential to trap moisture, create mold & rot
  • Not recommended for use in homes
  • Attractive to rodents & insects for nesting


  • Causes disease, Hantavirus, Lyme, Plague
  • Creates damage to your home - structural, insulation
  • Causes allergies & asthma

Poor Ventilation

  • Causes fatigue & memory issues
  • Creates mold
  • Causes harmful gases to accumulate
  • Affects the health of children, peets & anyone with respiratory issues first

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is something we do not often think about as potentially having negative health effects. Proper ventilation is very important to ensure that the appropriate number of air changes per hour are taking place inside your building.

By performing a set of calculations we can make sure that your building has proper ventilation. In the event that your building is too tight and does not have enough air flow, we can install passive or mechanical ventilation to ensure that you and your family are comfortable, healthy and safe inside your building for many years to come.

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